Rocks and Rapiers by Jessie Mihalik is a fun web serial short story and it’s free right now

Almost a year ago, Jessie Mihalik gave us a fun romantic short story as a serial on her website, more-or-less for Valentine’s Day.   It was called Books & Broadswords, and I still have my fingers crossed for some merch.   I really liked the story, and would love (very minor spoiler) a Books & Broadswords bookstore t-shirt!

Now she’s done a companion short story, Rocks & Rapiers, set in the same world, although with different characters.   And woo-hoo – it’s also free on her website.  This one was completed not-too-long ago, but I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my website, and just now was able to post it.     Here’s a link to the intro page about the story, and the rest of the chapters link from there.

It’s also nice that Books & Broadswords is still free and available to read – info and a link are available in this previous post.    I don’t think it really much matters what order you read them in, but it never hurts to read the first one first IMO 😀…

And of course, Mihalik is also the author of several fun space-opera-ish books, a few of which I’ve reviewed:  here and here and here and here and here.   Whew!

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