Several nice price drops on mysteries in the US…

A few interesting (to me, at least) price drops, but I’m slammed for time, and can’t do individual posts…

The Missing Corpse, fourth in the Brittany series, by Jean-Luc Bannalec, $2.99; I’ve liked all the titles I’ve read in this series, although I’m a little biased since I love France and books set in France… Kindle US | Kobo US

Death of a New American, Jane Prescott #2, by Mariah Fredericks, $2.99; I’ve read and liked the first one in this series Kindle US | Kobo US

Girl Watcher’s Funeral, Pierre Chambrun #6, by Hugh Pentecost; as I’ve said before, I’m not quite sure why I like this series, but I do – I have most of them still in paperback, and I’m happy to get one off my shelves! Kindle US | Kobo US (discountable)
→ Also, the eigthth in this series, Birthday, Deathday, is still $1.99 at Kindle US, although not at Kobo US. Links and info in this previous post.

Murder on the Ballarat Train, Phrynne Fisher #3, by Kerry Greenwood, $0.99 Kindle US | Kobo US (discountable)

Devil in a Blue Dress (30th Anniversary Edition), Easy Rawlins #1, by Walter Mosley, $1.99 Kindle US | Kobo US

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