Shall We Dance? by Kasey Michaels – a review

A fun and slightly different Regency romance…

Although I mostly read murder mysteries, I am a fan of a good Regency romance from time to time, and Kasey Michaels has written a really fun one in Shall We Dance?   Most Regencies just take place during that early 1800s time period and refer to the future King George IV (Prinney) and his wife Princess/Queen Caroline in passing.  This one, though, features Caroline as a central character, recently returned to England after the death of Prinney’s father, and caught up in intrigue far beyond her ability to manage.   But in spite of (or perhaps because of) that intrigue, some amusing couples in her entourage manage to find happiness.  And a couple of villains get their comeuppance too. 

There is a tinge of sadness woven throughout the story, because any good Regency reader knows that thing aren’t going to work out well for Caroline.   But that is offset by Michaels’ humorous story-telling, and by a bittersweet but satisfying epilogue.  And there’s also an author’s note at the end that provides some much-appreciated historical background.   All-in-all, I found Shall We Dance? to be an engaging and enjoyable romance, and I’m now going to go hunt down Michaels’ book, The Butler Did It, in which Percy Shepherd is introduced.  And my thanks to the author, who made review copies of Shall We Dance? available to readers of her newsletter.

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