Two fun Manning Coles books are now available as ebooks

I’ve long been quite fond of the four humorous/ghostly mysteries by Manning Coles – a pen name for Cyril Henry Coles and A.K.O. (Adelaide Frances Oke) Manning. Three of them are the books in the too-short James and Charles Latimer series, and one is a stand-alone. They’ve been on my “wish they were e-books” list for a long time, and I finally noticed that two of the four have actually been available as e-books since 2021. And at nice prices too:

Brief Candles, Latimers #1, $0.99/£0.99
Buy at Kindle US  |  Kobo US  |  Kindle UK

The Far Traveller, non-series, $0.99/£0.77
Buy at Kindle US  |  Kobo US (discountable)  |  Kindle UK

I’ve not read any of Coles’ Tommy Hambledon spy series (with many more books) – if anyone else has, are they any good?    Some of the books in that series are also available in e-book.   If you’ve read any of them please let us know your opinion in the comments!

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