Some more Felony and Mayhem Press titles on sale in the US for $1.99 each.

Some Felony and Mayhem Press titles on sale, mostly repeats, although I haven’t seen The Book of the Lion on sale before. F&M Press didn’t discount much in the past, but recently has been putting a fair number of titles on sale from time-to-time, but never for very long, so keep an eye for your favorite F&M authors yourself, or check here often. All $1.99 each, and all discountable at Kobo US…

Elizabeth Daly/Henry Gamadge:
The Book of the Dead, #8: Kindle US | Kobo US
The Book of the Lion, #13: Kindle US | Kobo US
Ngaio Marsh/Roderick Alleyn
Overture to Death, #8: Kindle US | not on sale at Kobo US, at least as of now
Singing in the Shrouds, #20: Kindle US | Kobo US
L.C. Tyler/John Grey
A Cruel Necessity, #1: Kindle US | Kobo US
Nathan Aldyne/Dan Valentine and Clarisse Lovelace
Cobalt, #2: Kindle US | Kobo US

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