Some price drops on Felony and Mayhem Press titles at Kindle US

Felony and Mayhem Press has the e-publishing rights to two of my favorite authors (Patricia Moyes and Ngaio Marsh), and to several other authors that I like as well. For a long time F&M didn’t put their e-books on sale much, if at all, but recently, they’ve been cycling through putting them on sale, usually for $1.99 in the US. The sales aren’t usually for very long, so grab them if you see them. Here are a few titles that are on sale today, February 6, 2021, all at $1.99 each…

The Sunken Sailor, apa Down Among the Dead Men, Henry Tibbett #2, by Patricia Moyes: Kindle US

Death in a White Tie, Inspector Alleyn #7, by Ngaio Marsh: Kindle US

Arrow Pointing Nowhere, Henry Gamadge #7, by Elizabeth Daly: Kindle US

My True Love Lies, non-series, by Lenore Glen Offord: Kindle US

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