The 13th Fellow by Tracy Whiting is free right now in the US and UK

Several years ago, I was quite taken with The 13th Fellow, by Tracy Whiting, featuring Havilah Gaie as the protagonist. It’s a little more chick-lit-y than I usually like, but there’s enough academic snark in there to balance out, IMO. And also, as I mention from time-to-time on this blog, I’m a huge Francophile, so I love the settings. The sad part, though, is that there are only two books in this series and I really wish Whiting would write more. Sigh!

In any case, The 13th Fellow, is free at Kindle US and UK right now, so you can give it a try. And the second one is KU, so if you have that, and like this one, you can read the second one for “free” too!

Free at Kindle US | Kindle UK

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