The Coldest Case by Martin Walker is on sale today in the UK

Woo-hoo! Martin Walker’s latest (2021) in his Bruno, Chief of Police series has dropped to £0.99 at Kindle UK. I like this series a lot, although the last couple have been a little more thriller-ish than the series has traditionally been.

From the blurb, this one, The Coldest Case, looks as if it may be a little more back to the traditional Bruno, as he helps his boss, J-J, re-investigate J-J’s unsolved (and now very cold) first case. Fingers crossed!

This is probably on sale as part of that weird (but much appreciated) UK thing where they put most-recent-in-series titles on sale for £0.99 very briefly, usually only one day, shortly after publication. So go grab it now if you want it – I actually grabbed it before doing this post, which I don’t do very often :).

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19 thoughts on “The Coldest Case by Martin Walker is on sale today in the UK”

  1. Bruno, Chief of Police: The Early Cases contains the first three titles in Martin Walker’s Bruno/Dordogne mystery series:

    Bruno, Chief of Police; apa Death in the Dordogne
    The Dark Vineyard
    Black Diamond

    It goes on sale every couple of years in the UK (don’t think it exists in the US – different publisher), and right now it has dropped to £2.99:

    This is a nice price to try this really great series if you haven’t already…

  2. The seventh book in Martin Walker’s excellent Bruno series has had some identity problems over the years – first published as Children of War, then as The Children Return, and more recently (so recent that SYKM hasn’t picked it up yet) it has been called Death Undercover. (With less tongue in cheek, I suspect some of this has to do with different publishers in different countries…)

    Whatever the title, though, it’s £0.99 right now at Kindle UK:

  3. If you missed The Dordogne Mysteries: The Early Cases (apa Bruno, Chief of Police: The Early Cases) at £0.99 a while back, it’s now on sale for £2.99, which is still not bad for three books. And it’s a great series…

    The link two comments up is still good.

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