The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds by TE Kinsey is free for two more days if you have Amazon Prime

If you belong to Amazon Prime, and haven’t gotten your free Amazon First Reads title for February yet, I’ll put in a recommendation for The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds, the first in the Dizzy Heights series by T E Kinsey. Yeah, only two days left to grab it free, but WTH…

I haven’t read Missing Diamonds yet, but I had an ARC not too long ago of The Fatal Flying Affair, the most recent title in Kinsey’s other series, the Lady Hardcastle series. And I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. (Check out my review here,) It was pretty cozy, but had a whole lot of nice historical detail too, and just was a lot of fun. And based on that, I’ve actually had my eye on this coming book for a while and just noticed I could get it free this month. Woo-hoo! Just FYI, apparently Missing Diamonds shares some characters with Kinsey’s Lady Hardcastle series…

Free through the end of February at: Kindle US | Kindle UK

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