The Last Judgement and The Raphael Affair by Iain Pears are reasonably priced in the UK right now

Iain Pears’ Jonathan Argyll and Flavia di Stefano series is one of my top ten favorite series, and might even sneak into my top five on a particularly good day – even though he hasn’t written anything new in the series since 2000. Unfortunately, although some of them used to be available in the US as e-books (IMS), only the last one seems to be available now. And it sits at $12.99 when not on sale, and it doesn’t go on sale very often ☹. And even in the UK, only the first four and the last one (of seven) are available. But at least some of those do go on sale from time to time.

Right now, it’s the fourth in the series, The Last Judgement, that has dropped to £1.99 at Kindle UK. And the first one, The Raphael Affair, has been at £2.99 for many months, which is not too bad either. So you can give the series a try, but be prepared for a bit of frustration with the other titles if you really like it!

The Raphael Affair – buy at Kindle UK

The Last Judgement – buy at Kindle UK

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