The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart is on sale in the US right now

Mary Stewart was the first romance author I moved on to after I had read everything my library had by Georgette Heyer, which thus forced me to look around. A few decades later, I still love a bunch of Stewart’s books, and was thrilled when most of them finally appeared as e-books in the US, after a long wait. They are mostly in the $2.99 – $3.99 range, which is not bad for such great classic romantic suspense. Right now, though, The Moon-Spinners, which is one of my favorite Mary Stewart titles (among many favorites!), has dropped to $0.99 as part of Kindle US’s “Top fiction eBooks for $3.99 or less” sale. This means the sale price should be good through 12 Sept 2021. But I’d still buy it soon if you want it. It’s price-matched at Kobo US too, at least as of right now.

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17 thoughts on “The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart is on sale in the US right now”

  1. Rose Cottage and This Rough Magic are $0.99 each in the US right now. The links in the comment four up (for Rose Cottage) and two down (for This Rough Magic) are still good…

  2. Two Mary Stewart books are on sale right now. Per eReaderIQ, Rose Cottage dropped at the beginning of the month, so guessing it’s part of the monthly deal, and going back up soon. The Ivy Tree just dropped, in the US only so far, but I’m giving a UK link for price-check purposes.

    Rose Cottage ($0.99/£0.99)
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:
    Kindle UK:

    The Ivy Tree ($0.99, US only as of now)
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:
    Kindle UK (price-check):

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