The September monthly sale in the UK has some good titles – mostly for £0.99

As usual at the beginning of the month, a big list of titles are on sale at Kindle UK. These should be mostly on sale for the month, especially the ones at £0.99. But some may not be, so don’t wait if there is a book you really want. Many are repeats, so check carefully before you buy. And, the list, as always, is mostly to my personal taste, together with a few other authors I recognize as popular. All of these are £0.99 unless otherwise indicated. Also, if I already have a thread going for a particular author, like Louse Penny, Elly Griffiths, and some others, the sale titles will be listed there, and not here. (You can use the search box on the home page to find specific authors…)

Four Blind Mice, Alex Cross #8, by James Patterson

Murder in Morningside Heights, Sarah Brandt/Gaslight Mystery #19, by Victoria Thompson, £1.49

Murder in the Orchard, Melissa Craig #6, by Betty Rowlands

Murder in Langley Woods, Melissa Craig #8, by Betty Rowlands

All of a Winter’s Night, Merrily Watkins #15, by Phil Rickman

The Woman in the Veil, Sarah Bain/Victorian Mystery #4, by Laura Joh Rowland, £1.45 (I wish more of her excellent IMO older Sano Ichiro series would go on sale)

The Siberian Dilemma, Arkady Renko #9, by Martin Cruz Smith

When No One Is Watching, by Alyssa Cole, her romance books are pretty popular, I haven’t read this stand-alone thriller, but it won the 2021 Edgar for best paperback original, and was nominated for several other awards

The Angel’s Mark, Nicholas Shelby/Jackdaw #1, by SW Perry

The Serpent’s Mark, Nicholas Shelby/Jackdaw #2, by SW Perry

The Saracen’s Mark, Nicholas Shelby/Jackdaw #3, by SW Perry

The Return of Mr Campion: A Collection of 13 Short Stories, by Margery Allingham

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