The Usual Santas is on sale in the US and UK

The Usual Santas is a holiday themed collection of short stories by Soho Crime authors, including: Helene Tursten, Mick Herron, Martin Limón, Timothy Hallinan, Teresa Dovalpage, Mette Ivie Harrison, Colin Cotterill, Ed Lin, Stuart Neville, Tod Goldberg, Henry Chang, James R. Benn, Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis, Sujata Massey, Gary Corby, Cara Black, Stephanie Barron and Peter Lovesey. It’s $1.99/£1.43 in the US/UK right now.

Kindle US:
Kobo US:
Kindle UK:

1 thought on “The Usual Santas is on sale in the US and UK”

  1. It’s December and The Usual Santas is on sale again 😊, but although it’s still $1.99 in the US, it’s at a much better price in the UK: £0.79, instead of £1.43…

    The links in the OP just above are still good.

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