The Yellowthread Street series by William Marshall is nicely priced at Kobo US using coupon code: partners

A long long time ago, someone brought a bunch of Willam Marshall’s Yellowthread Street books into one of the used bookstores that I used to haunt. I had just been to Hong Kong on a business trip, and so I scarfed the lot, and really liked them. Then I had to go hunt for the missing ones, which was kind of hard, since they were not widely distributed in the US. They are a little quirky in the writing style, and I struggled a bit with the first one, but then I caught on to it (or it caught on to me 😊) and I binged through the rest.

I’ve wanted to get the series in e-book for a while, and now the 40%-off multi-use “partners” code at Kobo makes them pretty affordable. Keep in mind that “partners” is multi-use, but only once per cart, so you have to put books in one-at-a-time, and then check out one-at-a-time. Which is a bit of a pain, but multi-use Kobo codes haven’t been around for a long while, so it’s nice to see one at all. And if you belong to the Kobo VIP program, that discount stacks with the “partners” discount, which is even nicer.

So, although these aren’t technically “on sale”, I thought I’d post since it’s a nice use of the “partners” code.

Links to the series at Kobo US | Kobo UK | Kobo Canada

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