Three books by Frederick Ramsay are on sale in the US today

And since today is apparently “not-on-sale-very-often” day, Frederick Ramsay’s books don’t go on sale very often either, and now here are three: two in his historical Gamaliel series, which I haven’t read (yet), and one in his Ike Schwartz series, which I have read most of, and liked. All are $1.99 each, and discountable at Kobo US.

The Eighth Veil, Gamaliel #1
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Holy Smoke, Gamaliel, #2
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The Eye of the Virgin, which sounds as if it should be part of the Gamaliel series, but is really Ike Schwartz, #6
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3 thoughts on “Three books by Frederick Ramsay are on sale in the US today”

  1. Two more Ike Schwartz books on sale for $1.99 each right now – the first and second in the series. And, as before, discountable at Kobo US. Note that I had previously bought Secrets, and it doesn’t show as purchased on the webpage – the publisher must have updated the edition…

    It would be great if they marched through the series – I have a couple of holes I wouldn’t mind filling.

    Artscape, #1
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

    Secrets, #2
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

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