Two James Bond titles by Ian Fleming are nicely priced in the US right now

If you would rather read your Bond than watch him, a couple of the original Ian Fleming books are nicely priced in the US right now. You Only Live Twice is the twelfth book in the series and it’s $0.99 today. And The Man with the Golden Gun is the thirteenth and it’s $1.42. (Weird price, no idea why…)

Note that because Fleming’s works are public domain in Canada and a few other countries with similar copyright laws, there are a lot of pirate versions of these books sold in the US, where someone has grabbed the public domain version, put a new cover on it, and listed the book for sale. But these two, and the others with similar style covers, are legitimate (Thomas and Mercer) editions, and don’t violate US copyright. Of course, if you are lucky enough to live in or visit Canada or or one of those other countries, you can just download them legitimately for free from Faded Page or Project Gutenberg Canada or other similar sites.

Buy You Only Live Twice at Kindle US
Buy The Man with the Golden Gun at Kindle US

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