Wonderland/Spenser Confidential by Ace Atkins is on sale at Kindle UK today

Ace Atkins has published a bunch of estate-approved continuation titles in Robert B Parker’s Spenser series. I’ve read and liked several of them. Wonderland is the third of the continuation books, although it has recently been re-issued with a new title, Spenser Confidential, apparently as part of a movie tie with Netflix. In any case, whatever the book is called, it’s on sale at Kindle UK today for £1.99.

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6 thoughts on “Wonderland/Spenser Confidential by Ace Atkins is on sale at Kindle UK today”

  1. And now, less than a week later, here’s the most recent (2021) title in the series, Someone to Watch over Me, on sale in the UK for £0.99. Not sure if this is part of the Kindle UK Monthly sale, which I haven’t had time to look at yet, or if this is the usual one-day thing, so I’d grab it now if you want it.
    Kindle UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08L8JPYWZ

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