A bunch of John Creasey titles across several series are on sale in the US and UK

A bunch of John Creasey titles across several series (George Gideon, Inspector West, The Baron, Dr Palfrey, The Toff, etc.) seem to have gone on sale for $2.99 in the US, and £1.77/£2.xx in the UK. (These are in addition to the Department Z titles of his that are e-pubbed by Agora Books and go on sale at $1.99 a lot.)

Due to Creasey’s use of pen names and the vagaries of Amazon’s search, I wasn’t able to get my usual search URLs to work very well. So the best way I found to pull these was to just go to the John Creasey author page, choose Kindle books, and then sort by price. The links below do precisely that, or you can just do it yourself. There are about 3 pages of titles in the US at $2.99 or less, and a bit less than 3 pages of titles in the UK at £2.xx or less.

These mostly don’t seem to be on sale at Kobo US, but if you have a few titles you want, you might try just searching specifically for them at Kobo to check.

You also have to watch out for alternate titles! House of Stratus, who seem to have the e-book rights to most of Creasey’s series except for Department Z, mostly have not kept the old titles. But if you click on the sample, and page down to the copyright info page, the original title is provided in small print below the new one. So check carefully before you buy.

Whew! Here are links: Kindle US | Kindle UK

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