All of Diane Duane’s books are on sale in one package right now – for a really nice price

I’ve read a few of Diane Duane’s books, some in her Young Wizards series, and a couple of her stand-alone titles. I’ve liked all that I’ve read. Now it appears that her entire catalog is available in one package from her webstore at The package is called the “Give Me Everything You’ve Got” package, and it’s normally $55, but right now there seems to be a promotion going where you can get the package for $44 – the extra discount is in honor of St Patrick’s Day. That’s a nice price, even if, like me, you already have a few of her books. Note, though, that per the webpage for the special, the extra discount is only available for about 19 more hours, as of the time I’m posting this…

I am slammed for time right now, so don’t have time to list all the titles in the package, but there are a LOT. I’ll try to come back and list them all later, but not sure that will be anytime soon 😀! And if you’re wondering, a little note on the webpage says the package was last updated on July 29, 2022.

And finally my thanks to @salty-horse on the MobileRead forums for the original post on this.

Info on the St Patrick’s special, including a link to the page to order it, is here:

And info on the normal package, if the St Patrick’s offer has expired, is here:

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