Murder on the Iditarod Trail by Sue Henry is on sale today at Kindle US

Murder on the Iditarod Trail is the first in Sue Henry’s Jessie Arnold series, set in Alaska – as I’m sure you could have guessed! Per SYKM, this won a couple of “Best First” awards back when it was originally published. I remember this series as one of the earlier series I branched out into after first discovering mysteries via some of the classic authors like Agatha Christie and Rex Stout. I don’t know if I read all of the titles, but I have fond memories of the ones I did read.

Anyway, Iditarod has dropped to $1.99 at Kindle US as part of today’s Daily Deal. Sadly, however, the rest of the series is $6.99 and up, and doesn’t go on sale very often at all. So if you like the first one, and want to read the rest, you’ll either have to hope your local library has them, or be very very patient, or pay what is too much, IMO, for very old (1990s – 2000s) backlist. Sigh!

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  1. It looks as if Sue Henry got back the rights to some of her Jessie Arnold/Alaska books, which have been re-pubbed by Speaking Volumes, which sounds like an audiobook publisher, but doesn’t seem to be. And then a bunch of others still have e-books by HarperCollins. Although the two different publishers are scattered throughout the series, which is kind of odd – usually the early books are one publisher and the later books another. But in any case, HarperCollins have been slowly putting some of the books they are publishing on sale from time to time, and now it’s the ninth book, Cold Company, on sale in the US for $1.99.

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