An omnibus of three Masao Masuto titles by EV Cunningham is on sale in the US and UK

Books published by Open Road don’t often go on sale in the UK, so I post them when I see them, unlike in the US, where they tend to go on sale a lot. So here’s an omnibus of three Masao Masuto books (# 5-7) on sale at Kindle UK for £2.39, which is a great price if you need all three, and still darn good if you just need two. And it’s also on sale for $2.99 in the US, and is discountable at Kobo…where “Partners22” is still good for 40% off…

This was one of the first series I read years ago, back when just branching out from Agatha Christie and Rex Stout, and I quite enjoyed it at the time. It is interesting in that it tackled some of the ethnic/racial issues of the time, but still can be a little jarring in some of the type-casting if you don’t keep in mind the era in which the series was written. It reminds me a little of John Ball’s Virgil Tibbs titles in that way. So just be forewarned if the anachronism might bother you. But the mysteries/cases themselves are really good police procedurals. I reread The Case of the Sliding Pool, which is one of the books in this omnibus, not too long ago, and still enjoyed it.

Oh yeah, and the author is EV Cunningham, which is a pen name for Howard Fast.

Also, all three of these were free individually back in the Open Road freebie-thon in Dec, 2016, so check carefully before you buy.

The Masao Masuto Mysteries Volume Two: The Case of the Sliding Pool, The Case of the Kidnapped Angel, and The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie
Buy at Kindle US | Kobo US | Kindle UK

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