Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews is $0.99 at Kindle US right now

Clean Sweep is the first in the Innkeeper Chronicles series by Ilona Andrews. Although I like (very much) all of their series, this one is my favorite. Somehow the idea of the Inns as gateways between worlds is really fun, and the galactic scope gives the duo of authors a chance to let their imaginations run wild with all sorts of fun creatures (see “koo-ko” in Sweep with Me) and places (see “Baha-Char”, in this book, where I’d love to go shopping myself). Clean Sweep is $0.99 at Kindle US right now (March 25, 2021), but not matched at Kobo, at least as of now.

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7 thoughts on “Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews is $0.99 at Kindle US right now”

  1. Sweep with Me is the most recent title in the Innkeeper Chronicles series. It’s a (long-ish) novella that IA serialized about a year ago (??? time flies ???) on their website and then published. I followed the serial and enjoyed it a lot, and I also enjoyed reading the final version. I especially loved the koo-ko…

    Sweep with Me has now dropped to £0.99 at Kindle UK:

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