The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler is on sale in the US for $1.99

The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler probably doesn’t need any explanation or description if you’re already hanging out on a site called Mostly Mysteries. But just in case, suffice it to say that (per SYKM) it won the 1955 Edgar Award for Best Mystery. And The Long Goodbye hasn’t looked back since. It’s on sale in the US today (March 25, 2021) for $1.99. Just read it!

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19 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler is on sale in the US for $1.99”

  1. The Lady in the Lake is Raymond Chandler’s fourth Philip Marlowe book. It is $1.99 at Kindle and Kobo US today. There is also a Chandler omnibus that was on sale a while ago, which contained The Lady in the Lake, so check carefully before you buy. And also as above, if you live in or visit Canada or one of the other few countries with reasonable copyright periods, this is pubic domain and you can download for free from Faded Page or Project Gutenberg Canada. But otherwise, $1.99 is a pretty good price!
    Kindle US:
    Kobo US:

  2. For those of you not lucky enough to live in Canada or the few other countries with reasonable copyright laws, Raymond Chandler’s Killer in the Rain (Penguin edition, so legit) is on sale at Kindle UK for £0.99. Killer in the Rain is the short story/novella that was eventually expanded into The Big Sleep (along with, according to Wikipedia, bits of a couple of others). For some reason the “Look Inside” function is not working on this title for me, so I can’t tell if this is the collection of short stories titled Killer in the Rain, or just the single short story/novella, but at only 80 pages, I suspect the latter. Also the blurb only talks about the one story, but blurbs are blurbs, and not always reliable. If anyone else can get “Look Inside” to work, maybe they can clarify, and leave a comment down below.

    In any case…here’s the link at Kindle UK:

  3. A year or so later, The High Window is $1.99 at Kindle US again today as part of the Daily Deal, and again price-matched at Kobo US. The links in the comment four up are still good.

  4. The Big Sleep is $1.99 at Kindle US right now:

    This is the Vintage Crime/Black Lizard edition so it’s legit (Chandler’s works get pirated a lot…)

    But keep in mind that if you are lucky enough to live in or visit Canada, it’s pubic domain there, and can be download for free from Faded Page or other Canadian websites.

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