Coupon code “partners22” gives 40% off on discountable books at Kobo

There’s a new multi-use discount code for Kobo right now that gives 40% off on “discountable” books, just like the “partners” code from last year, except now it’s “partners22”.

Coupon codes at Kobo can be frustrating because only some books are discountable. In general, books from the big publishers, like Harper Collins or Simon & Schuster, are not discountable. But books from smaller/independent presses and some foreign presses often are. Examples include Kensington, Severn House, Felony & Mayhem Press, Open Road/Mysterious Press, and Poisoned Pen Press. And self-published books, including older big-publisher books where the author has gotten the rights back, are often discountable as well. But, until you start figuring out which authors/series/publishers are discountable, you’ll mostly end up having to put the book in your cart, try the code, and see if it works.

And, to add to the frustration, books go on sale much less often at Kobo, so even with 40% off, you may be better off with a good sale price at Kindle than with a coupon code at Kobo.

Still, 40% off can be nice if you have found a new author/series that is discountable and want to pick up a lot of titles at once. Or if you have a big-ticket book that you want that never seems to go on sale. And, per reports on another e-book forum I follow, it works in multiple Kobo country stores, including at least the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Just remember, don’t blame me if the code doesn’t work on your favorite big-publisher author…this is definitely a YMMV thing…

Finally, note that “partners22” only works on one book per shopping cart, but you can use it on multiple carts! So if you want to buy more than one discountable book, you’ll need to buy them one-at-a-time, putting each in the cart by itself, adding the code, and then checking out. And then repeating for the next one.

And I’ll come back and update this post when “partners22” stops working…

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