Free anthology of three short stories by Aliette de Bodard, set in the world of The House of Shattered Wings

On the way to other things, I noticed an anthology of three stories by Aliette de Bodard, set in the world of her book The House of Shattered Wings (which goes on sale pretty often). I’ve read and really enjoyed her Blood and Obsidion series, but haven’t quite made it to reading any of her other books yet. In any case, the anthology, In Morningstar’s Shadow, appears to be a long-term freebie in both the US and UK. I’m going to snag it against the day I start reading this series.

Oh yeah, and the three stories are: The Face of Heaven, Paid Debts, and What Has to Be Done.

Free at Kindle US | Kindle UK

Also, while bouncing around looking at her books, I noticed a post on the MobileRead forums indicating that she has a free anthology of three Xuya stories available on Patreon. The post is kind of old, but I checked and the anthology is still available. Info in this post on MobileRead:

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