Dead Men’s Sandals by David Wishart is £0.99 at Kindle UK

Dead Men’s Sandals is the most recent title in David Wishart’s Marcus Corvinus series, which is one of my top five favorite series. However I’ll add a quick note – this series seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it one, primarily, I think, due to his use of “current” and rather snarky vernacular for the dialogue, which some folks find anachronistic. Me, I love the series, especially the books that are more political in theme. (And I have to imagine that snarky people existed in ancient Rome too!) Also I really appreciate that Wishart gives detailed author’s notes about the background at the end of most (all?) of his books, detailing what’s known/accepted history and what he made up. Still, with all that said, YMMV…

In any case, Sandals has dropped to £0.99 at Kindle UK right now.

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Oh yeah, and Wishart has mostly been traditionally published, but has self-pubbed a few titles. I’ve read and liked them all. Most recently, including this one, he has self-pubbed – somewhere (website? interview?) I remember him indicating that he didn’t want to deal with deadlines from his publishers any more, so was self-pubbing. Me, I wish he had some deadlines, because I’d love another book in the series…

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  1. Three books towards the end of the Marcus Corvinus series have dropped to £2.84 each. (I wonder how they came up with the price, especially since the publisher, Severn House, is a UK publisher, and presumably would price “natively” in UK currency…)

    Solid Citizens, #15
    Kindle UK:

    Trade Secrets, #17
    Kindle UK:

    Foreign Bodies, #18
    Kindle UK:

    Oh, and if you like it, most of the rest of the series is already pretty reasonably priced (in the UK) at £0.99 to £2.99. So, here’s the series link:

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