Many many Ilona Andrews audiobooks are on sale at Kobo US and Kobo Canada right now

A big batch of twenty-five Ilona Andrews audiobooks are on sale for $5.99 each right now at Kobo US and Canada – or for $5.39 each if you have a Kobo VIP membership.  Per the Ilona Andrews website, the sale is on from May 1 to May 31, however, as always with e-book and audio-books sales, I wouldn’t wait until the last moment to buy.   Included are some “normal” audiobooks, some “dramatized” audiobooks, and somewhat unusually, several audiobooks of anthologies, each of which contains at least one Ilona Andrews story.

The titles include:

  • many from the Innkeeper Chronicles series
  • the entire Edge series
  • Magic Tides and Magic Claims
  • Small Magics
  • Magic Slays
  • Magic Breaks
  • anthologies: Hexed, Night Shift, Angels of Darkness, and Must Love Hellhounds

Find the sale webpage:    Kobo US  |  Kobo Canada

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