Metropolitain, An Ode to the Paris Metro, by Andrew Martin is on sale today in the US and UK

I’ve mentioned a time or two that I’m a huge Francophile, so my eye was caught by Metropolitain, An Ode to the Paris Metro, which is part of today’s Daily Deal in the US, and matched at Kobo US.

The book is by Andrew Martin, who is better known, to me at least, as the author of a mystery series featuring Jim Stringer, a British railroad worker and amateur sleuth, but has also written several non-fiction books about trains. I just now read the sample for this book, and was amused to learn that Martin’s dad worked for British Rail, which somewhat explains the railway-ish flavor of both his non-fiction and his fiction 😀.

In any case, Martin’s Metropolitain (he also explains in the intro why he left off the accent aigu on the “e”) is on sale right now in the US for $2.99, and also in the UK for £2.99.

Buy at   Kindle US  |   Kobo US  |   Kindle UK

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