One free book from Amazon for World Book Day

In past years (see here and here), Amazon has made ten Kindle books from around the world free in honor of World Book Day.   This year, however, they are giving you a choice of only ONE of the ten books on offer.   BOO! HISS!  And it’s a little tricky to get the free book too.

But if you want to persevere, here’s the link to the World Book Day Page.  And the way it worked for me was that I had to choose a book, and then on that book’s page, there was a banner at the top that said something like “World Book Day – Get this Kindle book free”.   And ONLY after I clicked on that banner, which returned me to the original page, and then clicked on the book a second time (!!!), did the discount show up, making it free.

See the banner ad at the top of this post, and then see my screenshot below of how it looks when the discount has been properly applied.  Make sure you don’t click on “Buy now with 1-Click” until you see the discount applied, or you will be charged the full price for the book!

The World Book Day books are only available through tomorrow, April 30, so if you want to pick one up, you need to act fast.

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