The Wayward Apprentice by Jason Vail is free right now at Kindle US and UK

The Wayward Apprentice is the first book in the Stephen Attebrook historical series by Jason Vail. This may be a self-published title (Hawk Publishing???), but I’ve read this and several other books in the series and enjoyed them all. Apprentice is free right now at Kindle US and UK. And the nice part is that if you like this free one, the rest of the books in the series are very reasonably priced at the moment too: between $1.09 and $1.19 in the US, and between £0.77 and £0.99 in the UK. And/or they are also on Kindle Unlimited, if you belong to that program. So you can binge this series without spending a lot, if you like the first one!

Get The Wayward Apprentice for free at Kindle US | Kindle UK

Links to the series webpages at Kindle US | Kindle UK

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