The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories by Charlaine Harris is on sale in the UK right now

I still haven’t gotten around to reading my omnibus of Sookie Stackhouse books that went on sale in the UK a while back, but now (May 17, 2021) a collection of Sookie Stackhouse short stories has popped up there, on sale. The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories, by Charlaine Harris was at £10.99 for a long time, then briefly dropped to £5.99, and now it’s only £2.99.

So if you’re a Sookie fan, and want to grab all of the short stories in one volume, this seems like a pretty good time to do it. (Sadly, this collection is consistently $11.99 in the US, with one brief price drop to $9.99 a couple of years ago – I’m not sure why they bothered with that price drop…)

Anyway, per the blurb, the stories in the collection include: Fairy Dust, One Word Answer, Dracula Night, Lucky, Gift Wrap, Two Blondes, If I Had a Hammer, Small-Town Wedding, Playing Possum, and In the Blue Hereafter.

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