The entire Travis McGee series by John D MacDonald is on sale in the UK

Almost the entire Travis McGee series, by John D MacDonald, has dropped to £1.99 each at Kindle UK, as of the middle of September. I’m having trouble believing I didn’t notice this before, and I have no idea how long the price drops will last. The exceptions to the £1.99 pricing are the first two books in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by and Nightmare in Pink, which are £0.99 each. And then A Purple Place for Dying and The Quick Red Fox are each £2.99. But all of the others, all seventeen others, are £1.99 each. Oh yeah, and there’s also an omnibus of the first three titles going for £3.99 right now, which is about the same price, give or take £0.02, as those three titles are individually.

Considering that the Travis McGee books are mostly $8.99 and up in the US, with very rare and brief price drops on a single title every few months, this is a great sale, not just for the prices, but for the fact that the whole series is on sale at once. Wow!

There doesn’t seem to be a McGee series page in the UK, but here’s an author page, with McGee added as a keyword, that does a pretty good job. The sort by price doesn’t seem to be working, but the McGee titles are all pretty much grouped right up front, in the first couple of pages.

MacDonald/McGee series link at Kindle UK

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