Three titles by Thomas Mogford are on sale/inexpensive at Kindle US right now

Thomas┬áMogford’s Spike Sanguinetti series is set in and around Gibraltar. For some reason, perhaps because they have a road running across their airport, which has to close – the road, not the airport – whenever a plane takes off or lands, I’ve always wanted to visit Gibraltar. And I tend to enjoy books set there, whether fiction (Aaron Elkin’s Gideon Oliver title, Uneasy Relations) or non-fiction (Gibraltar: The History of a Fortress, by Ernle Bradford). And I even spent a good chunk of time one evening checking Gibraltar out on Google Earth. It’s quite a place, and maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to get to visit…

In any case, the third and fourth books in the series, Hollow Mountain and Sleeping Dogs, have both dropped to $1.99 at Kindle US. And the first title, Shadow of the Rock, is only $3.80 right now too, so you can read a good chunk of the series for a decent price if you want to. However, you won’t be able to finish it for cheap – the fifth and final title, A Thousand Cuts, published several years ago in 2017, will run you $20.30 right now. Wow! Hard to imagine what the publishers are thinking with that one…

Buy Shadow of the Rock at Kindle US
Buy Hollow Mountain at Kindle US
Buy Sleeping Dogs at Kindle US

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