Two titles in the Lady Jane series by Annis Bell are on sale at Kindle UK

I haven’t read either of Annis Bell’s Lady Jane books, but they are published by Amazon Crossing, which does translations of mysteries from around the world for sale on Kindle. And I’ve really liked several other Amazon Crossing authors, including Martin Jensen (King’s Hounds series, !!!), Oliver Pötzsch (a couple of series), Zygmunt Miloszewski, and others. So I’m inclined to give Bell’s books a try while they are both £0.99 at Kindle UK.

However, there is a nasty downside to Amazon Crossing, as exemplified by Jensen’s King’s Hounds books – you can fall in love with a series, but if Amazon decides for some reason (probably poor sales) not to keep translating/publishing, you are going to be stuck without any way to get/read the later titles in a series. Short, of course, of learning whichever language it was translated from. Sigh! Double sigh!

Anyway, if you are willing to take that risk, here’s info on the two Annis Bell books…

The Girl at Rosewood Hall, #1: Buy at Kindle UK
The Black Orchid, #2: Buy at Kindle UK

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